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  1. Buy a license. You can do so here.
  2. Activate your license on
    • Create an account
    • Then paste your license and click "Redeem".
  3. Download and install VC Redist. Also available on the dashboard.
  4. Download the OVIX Installer.
  5. Run the OVIX Installer. Choose a folder to install OVIX into and provide administrator permissions.
  6. You should now have the OVIX Loader installed on your system. A shortcut to it has been created in both your start menu and desktop.
  7. Add an antivirus exclusion to the OVIX executable. Click here to open the Exclusions.
  8. Launch GTA and load into story mode.
  9. When fully loaded in, launch the OVIX Loader and connect using your credentials.
  10. Press the inject button. This will inject the menu into your game.
  11. If everything went well pressing F4 should make the menu appear ingame.
  12. Enjoy!